What Qualifies You for Cannabis Treatment?

There are over 200 Medical Conditions that could qualify you for medical cannabis.  Every situation is different, which is why a medical evaluation is needed by a Certified Cannabis Doctor.  You will need to get a copy of your diagnosis before our doctor can approve you.  If you have never been diagnosed, or a long time has passed, our referral network of doctors can diagnose you.  Click link below, and we will pre-qualify you for free. 

Qualified Conditions

If you suffer from any of the conditions below, you qualify for a Medical Marijuna Card. Over 200 Medical Conditions Qualify, please message us if you do not see yours listed.

What's Next

If you have one or more of the qualified conditions listed on this page, its time trade your pills and get rid of your pain for a much healthier treatment option.  Book an appointment or click on the link below to see if you can get approved!

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